The Bill of Rights Protects You

Grades 6-12
scanned image of the Bill of Rights
The Federal Government's official copy of the joint resolution of Congress proposing the original Bill of Rights, engrossed on parchment, 9/25/1789.
Teachers and caregivers: register your middle and high school students for a webinar presentation of the Bill of Rights Protects You with the National Archives!

During this program, students will explore the Bill of Rights and how it outlines both limits on government and the rights of the people. Students will work together to analyze three case studies that underscore the remedies that citizens can use to address instances where their rights have been violated. This program will introduce students to the Bill of Rights and strengthen their civic understanding.

After registering, you will receive the Zoom connection information via email the week of the event. Participants’ cameras and microphones will be off and participant comments will be shared only with presenters to ensure a student-friendly environment. Registration will close 24 hours before each event.

Check out the teacher guide for optional pre- and post program activities.