Civics for All of US with the National Archives

Two people stand outside of the U.S. National Archives Rotunda
Visitors explore the Rotunda of the National Archives building in Washington, DC, on February 19, 2015. NARA photo by Jeff Reed.
A virtual professional development workshop for educators with the National Archives.

Civics for All of US is the civic education initiative from the National Archives. Our mission is to build civic literacy and engagement by providing exemplary civic education resources and programs for all ages using the records of the U.S. Government. We believe that when students study examples of civic engagement in the past, they will better understand their rights and responsibilities and be prepared to participate in their communities in the present.

During this interactive workshop, educators will discover strategies for teaching the Constitution and the Bill of Rights using primary sources from the National Archives. Teaching strategies will emphasize how to make these founding documents accessible and relatable for students. Educators will also explore civic education resources from the National Archives, the Presidential Libraries, and Center for Legislative Archives including Civics for All of US distance learning programs and This program can be adapted for K–12 educators and can focus on the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or or both founding documents. We recommend allowing 1 hour for this session, but we can work with you to develop a program that best suits your needs.

Email to request a program for 10 or more educators.

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