Teaching Native American Treaties for Elementary Educators

A portion of the handwritten Muscogee Treaty, featuring the signatures of Muscogee leaders and President George Washington.
Sometimes called the Treaty of New York or the Muscogee Treaty, this was the first treaty between a Native Nation and the United States after the adoption of the Constitution. It confirmed peace with the Muscogee (or Creek), who lived in present-day Georgia and Alabama. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/12013259
A virtual professional development workshop for elementary school educators with the National Archives.

Join us for this interactive virtual professional development program for educators as we look closely at selected examples of American Indian treaties and discuss ways to incorporate teaching these important documents in the elementary classroom. We will look to the Constitution to learn why treaties are “the supreme law of the land,” interact with primary sources from the National Archives through document analysis activities, and explore examples of the continuing importance of treaties with Native Nations today. While the focus of this webinar will be on resources and strategies for elementary educators, all educators are welcome to attend.

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